Ricardo Maldonado

Cognitive Linguistics Researcher

at UNAM and UAQ

Education Background:

Ph.D. in Linguistics, 1992; University of California, San Diego, USA

Master's in Linguistics, 1987; University of California, San Diego, USA

Master's in Linguistics, 1985; National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico

B. A. in Hispanic Language and Literature, 1978; National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Research Interests:

From a cognitive linguistics perspective, I study a number of syntactic-semantic-pragmatic phenomena involving morphemes, lexical items and syntactic constructions. Special attention has been devoted to the analysis of syntactic voice, particularly middle voice, as well as problems associated with datives, reflexives, possessives causatives, aspect and mood choice of Spanish, as well as of some indigenous languages of Mexico (mainly Huastec, Mayan and Tarascan). While the focus has been on adult language, a number of child language acquisition studies have been carried out to complement some cognitive linguistics observations. The relationship between pragmatic and semantic meaning associated to syntactic forms, in the light of conceptual determinations (subjectivity, intersubjectivity) has also been developed. More recent studies have focused on the study of the conceptual patterns determining the formation of discourse markers from lexical bases. My most recent research has centered on extrinsic and discourse deixis as well as the linguistic strategies to encode evidential, epistemic and mirative construals.

Research Center Profile